Will Apex Legends' Success Force Call of Duty's Blackout to Go Free-to-Play

As Apex Legends overnight success keeps building, will Activision feel pressured to bring Call of Duty’s battle royale entry into the growing world of free-to-play or are they likely to stick to their guns?

7 Best Apex Legends Tips Every Player Should Know:

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  1. I wish they could spawn large monsters on the maps that hunt whoever and at random times it ignores everyone, to have a bit of randomness and new experience every time. Maybe instead of circles closing in, have giant monsters that spawn, and you get an option to kill them or something.

    Maybe there's one or two giant monsters is enough. Idk that might make BR a bit interesting.

  2. Oh how developers, publishers, analysts and journalists will be baffled as to how hard 1-map full price battle royale games will crash and burn in sales. It'll start 2019.

  3. This is a dumb video these triple A companies aren’t just gonna make a mode in there flagship franchises free because the free ones are more successful. It just doesn’t make sense, there’s no precedence for this but I feel like you guys talk about It like there is.

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