What Nobody Realized About Mirage In Apex Legends

Everything You Didn’t Know About Mirage In Apex Legends

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Look at you! You just got bamboozled. Mirage is hands down the funniest legend in Apex Legends, but despite being a jokester, this guy is a holographic trickster. On the battlefield, he can beat you with one eye closed, two eyes closed, heck, he doesn’t even need to show up, but there’s much more to Mirage than some witty one liners. Today, we’ll take a look at his…


  1. I thought mirage’s backstory was that his twin brothers died so he used this holographic technology to remind himself of his brothers from his mother. And got in the apex legends. I guess there is theorys

  2. This is what I believe marriage back story is that he uses clones because his brothers died in the war so he doesn’t feel alone he always talks about moms pork chops because that’s the last thing he remembered her liking before she died and if you listen to his voice lines in game he is always making jokes and acting happy but when he is solo he sounds sad and he shows his true personality because yea he doesn’t like being alone especially since his whole family is dead

  3. In Season 4 if you drop next to the Mirage Voyage in the rocks below the ship you will find a cell phone. You can press play on it and hear the last conversation between Him and His mother. From the conversation, you can tell that his mother has DEMENTIA and is having a hard time remembering him. Something that clearly is crushing him. The conversation is heartwarming and very sad. I highly suggest giving it a listen for any lore junkies out there.

  4. In ranked I actually act like I am a decoy and it works 90 percent of the time
    So I leave a decoy in my spot and move twords the enemy
    And if you try doing this make sure you Hoister your weapons

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