What it looks like to play in 240hz in FORTNITE [ReSample Test]

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Best 240hz Monitor for the price:

In the actual display, there is much less blur.
The video was recorded in 720p and rescaled to 1440p for the highest youtube quality.
The quality on a 240hz monitor is obviously better because it’s difficult to record in 1080p at 240fps.

Link to warmup:

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  1. I get around 60fps on low settings with 3d res on 25 which is the lowest and I play with 60hz moniter so if my monitors some 144 hz will my gameplay improve or the fps cause idk this stuff cause if I upgrade my graphic card i get more fps but if i have more hz will fps improve or not?

  2. I remember when we had crt monitors and we didn't give a shit about refresh rate since crt are naturally very high refresh rate monitors. Switching to LCD really fucked that up.

  3. a faster monitor does not make you a better player at all. I can attest to that shit. 100%. I like 4k resolution over fast hertz. That eye candy and 4k titties looks so damn clean lol. You kids can keep ya fortnite.

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