Do you wanna know which weapons are the best for different maps? Check the new Bushka’s video to know more!

Everyone knows you can win a chicken dinner without that perfect load out, or that some weapons are superb for final circle but might not be the best to get you there.

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  1. For Erengal (I can't spell it in English very well) I love a 6Γ— turned down to a 3Γ— on a dp-28 and a bolt action with an 8Γ— the only downside is unless I can get my hands on the awm most of my kills are going to be stolen by my teammates running dmr's because we know I am to the head and then they'll just pop them in the chest after I fired so every kill I should have gotten from someone wearing a level 3 helmet now goes to my teammate with the DMR

  2. Hey the bushka and others. While I agree with the long range weapon parts but for primary weapon,why should I choose the m416 above beryl m762? You said in your videos that beryl is the fastest killing weapon after mk14 so why m416 when I got my long range covered. P.s.- I can fairly control recoil.
    Please reply and others reading the comments too.

  3. I'll correct thebushka in sanhok because honestly in my opinion I constantly run the m762 and qbu because the m762 has more damage and it has,a super high fire rat and, where can you go wrong with the qbu?

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