Watch Dogs 2 vs GTA 5: How Are Their Worlds Different?

Watch Dogs 2 and GTA5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) represent California in very different ways. How exactly do they stack up? Jake Baldino talks about it.
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  1. There both great but in my opinion wd2 is better because it's way easier and your more capable of doing more stuff and you kinda get attached to the story line and the side missions are their own storyline by themselves watch dogs 2 is better

  2. I like the physics in Watch dogs better because your car doesn’t just get halted every time you drive into a hedge. In watch dogs the vehicles can be standard or heavy so you need the proper car to ram someone off the road and also you don’t get a wanted level straight away the police need to know who did it and where it happened instead of getting an immediate wanted level for punching someone

  3. California is shit, lol. You wanna know what a super liberal, progressive country would look like go there. Tons of poverty, corrupt Hollywood, and a bunch if virtue signaling liberals. The rest of America is great! I personally feel like the Midwest encapsulates traditional America whole NY is the American dream destiny and California is the failure of those dreams, lmao!

  4. I think it's just more about colors and punctuation, but the colors in gta v look more realistic and the Wd 2 is more eye-catching. But I find Gta v's graphics nicer because there are shaders, nvidia pcss, reflective rain , weather more. I think Rockstar is the king in the gaming industry. I don't like the physics and details of all Ubisoft games especially ragdoll because it's really bad (except fc 2) blood and wound barely in every ubi game. when npcs die without emotion, 1 year 1 shit, i can't play any of Ubi's game after 8h..think back in 2008 they were really good but now they are like like a joke.

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