1. Here it is – the best weapons in Apex Legends in Season 3! Hopefully you learned something and found the video valuable, and at the very least, enjoyed the commentary and gameplay! For those new – hey! I hope you subscribe for more of my videos and I see you around again! Also, check out the stream https://twitch.tv/raynday for when I go live!

  2. I fully agree that the Mozambique is not the best shotgun, but ever since they added hammerpoint rounds (season 2) and a few other buffs to shotguns in season 3, its a pretty damn good shotgun, but ONLY if you have hammerpoint rounds

  3. Massively love the G7 been using it since game launch though I feel double tap is too janky for season 3s map concept. However, I wish that no skill required gunk in the bottom of the barrel Charge Rifle was deleted from the game hated it when it got released and how quick it dispatches enemies let alone knocking them completely into a hard slow also knocking them out of a slide unlike the other weapons. Respawn, delete it from the game please its pure cancer!

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