1. Totally me every other drop. Try walking away from a drop with and M4 and a Groza, but no Kar98, or even better switch out the Kar98, try to fix it, then end up with 2 unloaded guns.

  2. I just bought PUBG last night and I’ve found TWO spike strips in 10 hours of gameplay 😆. Also I found a cool flare gun that dropped a big truck!

  3. the "reloading" bad habit is one of the worst ones… but as i usually go for the SMG/AR-DMR set… the nature of the spammer makes you use a lot of ammo with the SMG and you constantly reload the gun to have max. potential…

    also, that merch with 90% more ladies it's all i wanted to hear… take my money Chopper!!! XD

  4. Dont forget reloading when we still have half a clip or more in the middle of a gunfight and getting pushed and killed or forgetting to reload in a fight and end up with 3 bullets. It happens to us all 🤣🤣

  5. I feel the pain of you all like me lol. I tend to find myself a good 70+% of the time trying not to loot-camp while either solo/squads and trying to be more alert, quicker all around then in what seems a good/quite area for a quick brouse/ ABC check and go we are all keeping an eye out for it to be clear to go and without fail either myself or the squad will get lit up by some random ninja or ninja squad and that's game. Another bad habit I struggle from is the circle. Definitely ruins all game plans and just free hunting for other players as we drop everything to Hall to the next circle and if lucky be able to slap a band-aid on or get a sip before stuck running to your future death ha. I'm excited and hoping these tips and tricks help me become more of a accet to my team more than feel like the baby duckling of the group holding up our 6 feeling focused until who knows what'll happen and non of us (especially me it seems like usually) are able to shoot sand in the desert point blank and want to rage quit after a handful of related matches.

  6. My top 10 bad habits that make me lose!
    No.1- Crap keyboard
    No.2- Crap mouse
    No.3- Crap headseat
    No.4- Crap cpu
    No.5- Crap gpu
    No.6- Crap RAM
    No.7- Crap motherboard
    No.8- Crap ssd (no ssd)
    No.9- Crap monitor
    No.10- Crap Internet

  7. Never played Pubg pc but only mobile, some of these are really helpful, when you said Dont repeak same angle I was like what I'm not gonna take a whole round of that god damn bulding to re angle myself, then I got what you meant you said just a little bit of difference in angle like a really wide peak. That Helps

  8. Your videos always make me think about how I play. Thank you. Also, with spike traps I am the other way I've found loads but not had the opportunities to use them and as soon as you mentioned swapping out the wrong gun I was like Yaaaaaas that's me!!!! Glad I'm not the only one

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