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  1. 1) Get good at hitting head shots. The time to kill is so quick in this game that not hitting head shots and all the time puts you at a major disadvantage now that the player base has matured and 90% are mini Shrouds in terms of aiming skill. Hitting the body, whilst only taking a second to kill is too slow now. If you can master the recoil of the 7.62 AR's then even better as they kill quicker.

    2) Never loot out in the open unless you have to e.g. you're out of meds and if you do, be quick as in a few seconds max. Going back to point 1, even moving around whilst looting wont save you from a Kar98 one shot now as the players are that good

    3) This is perhaps the hardest one and it's positioning. Learn the terrain so that you know where the strong positions are in order that you can get to them before it's too late and you find yourself trapped. Hiding in a building late game is all good until it's time to move where you find yourself having to move across open terrain which is certain death

    4) Constantly move whilst out in the open and if you've engaged a player, move position asap and keep your eye out as another player will be drawn to your gunfire

    5) Another hard one and it;s to get good at spotting players. It's impossible to cover all directions in solo and so there is an element of luck involved in that it comes down to who sees who first but by knowing where players are most likely to be, you can focus your attention on directions that pose the most danger thus increasing your chances of staying alive

    6) If playing Erangel, don't even think about crossing the bridge unless you can get there early. The bridge is almost impossible to cross now. Even if you make it past the first bridge camper, you;re going to run into another one or two. It's a pain in the arse but it's better to just swim or take a boat of you;re lucky enough to find one on the beach

    7) Try to avoid running across open terrain by using a vehicle. If you can't find a vehicle and have to do a Benny Hill act, lower your weapon so that you can run faster and try to run through shady areas/bushy areas as much as possible. If someone has a DMR with a 4/6 scope, you're pretty much screwed

    8) Learn the strengths and weakness of the weapons and when best to use what weapon for what situation. SMG's for example are great for buildings but they're not so great for the late game where most of the time, you'll be fighting out in the open. AR's are better for that.

    All in all, the skill level in this game has got to a point where unless you can put in 5+ hours per day, you;re going to struggle to be competitive. You'll have your good games but you'll have more bad games than good and you need to accept this and just play to have fun.

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