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  1. a misconception is u have to hit the other car hard to knock them down, but doesnt matter how hard u contact them, its about GOING FASTER than the car u r hitting therefore giving cars with a good acceleration TOO MUCH advantage especially at the beginning of the race. low accel car users u know what im talking about

  2. I am quieting this game only for this reason. You know career mode is awesome knockdown is not a problem it's a fun to knockdown others car. But I can't knockdown multiplayer car. Other player knockdown my car but I can't knockdown them it's frustrating man. And one more thing I don't like in this game is when someone use barrel roll and land on car it's super frustrating . Supposed you are rank 1 and you're gonna finish the race only few second left and then all of a sudden a motherfucker land on your car and boom. Gameloft need to think about this.

  3. Well, completly Drift around the 270° corner and shockwave out of it. It's way faster. Also Do Barrel roll and go to the other side After that and go left again. I'm nearly Legend (only 25 points needed) and mostly 2-4 players up there.Mostly close and nobody uses Touch drive up there. (Except hackers on Windows).You really need the laferrari, 3 star Vulcan or better to compete there.

  4. You need more shockwaves fill up the bar and use 2 nitro buttons at once also I use a computer and a controller but I need x box live to use multiplayer can you help. You get Nissan 370z blueprints from the daily car loot if the bar isn't full it gives you a bad nitro

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