Tfue Explains The Reason Streamers Are QUITING Fortnite And MOVING To Apex Legends…

In todays video we have Tfue explaining the reason why all the big streamers besides him have MOVED over to a new game (Ninja, Myth, DrLupo Etc…) Let me know what you guys think down…


  1. the thing with fortnite and apex fortnite is a cancer game thes days but with a some wat desint player base. apex is a good game but the player base is beond cancer and that includes the ppl who r ment to b in ur teams it may as well b a solo game its that bad

  2. no its just that apex is better and fortnite was never good imma throw a party when fortnite is dead and tfue is just a grown man that thinks hes 9 lmao same as all the other fortnite streamers

  3. I see why there's less defaults and regular player's in my servers, i play on ps4 and there are packed servers full of trihards and sweaty's (Or sweatie's.) Making half of the fortnite streamers quit playing in it, this shit alway's annoy's me when I'm playing on solo's, so I had to quit cause when I shot and then miss trying to get kills from my heavy or silenced snipers, sweatie's would build 90's faster then the speed of light, higher than my builds.

  4. a lot of ppl got pissed on my first comment so lets just put it nice and simple. The game was fun while I was good and everyone else was a bot, and yea it is harder to get a win now but I don't really give a shiz so yea as I said QUICK FLEX INBOUND I have over 800 solo wins alone

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