Revenant Is Actually BUSTED! | Apex Legends (Season 4)

Apex Legends Season 4 just released and with it a brand new legend – Revenant! Not to mention some new weapons and map changes.
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  1. On the Mirage Voyage ship, the disco ball can change colors like a supply drone from gold to purple to blue and then back to gold, theres also a console next to the respawn beacon on the ship where spawns 2 crates that are randomly color from said 3 colors, BUT it sets off loud music and fireworks to attract nearby enemies. Just a tip for Mr. Fruit and co

  2. Dude you took WAY too long to heal after that revive. Just remember that cause next time you’ll end up dead a SECOND time from the next squad you assumed wasn’t waiting to finish you off 🙂


  3. So clearly at 8:11 the silence fly's by the wattson ult. But someone said Wattson's ult should shoot it out of the air. This true or not? Clearly its not in this video but does that mean its not considered an ordnance?

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