Ranking and Explaining Every Change, Buff and Nerf In Apex Legends! (Voidwalker Event + Patch Notes)

Wattson Nerf? New Voidwalker Event compared to the previous one for Octane? Triple Take Buff? I give these a 1-10 Rating and Explain everything you need to know in Apex Legends and play today! Agree with me? Disagree? Comment below! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! | Twitter: | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ►

Apex Patch Notes:…


  1. Low profile is a lazy way to Nerf, and the Wattson Nerf for only a single (i dunno the name of the ult, it's the that got nerfed right?) Is messed up, keeping ult accelerants are useless again

  2. wow I'm pissed I thought she needed a buff. so easy to hit her bc of her backpack. no point in getting accelerants. fences barley do damage and don't clearly tell where enemy broke fence or even verbalize it..ggrrr whatever love your channel and positive attitude
    never give up never stop gaming

  3. i love how wattson gets nerfed to shit but no one cares about how OP pathfinder is. im a wattson main and i do understand some changes to her but i think its just way too much

  4. I love this mode 🙂
    Your sniping skills WILL improve very fast, and it absolutely translates to the game.

    THERE ARE GOLDEN GUNS EVERYWHERE!!! Just tonight ive had a golden triple take, several golden scouts, peacekeeper, several Mozambiques.

    And we Need more hammerpoints!!!!!! Wtf. I never find them

  5. Tbh i dont really care for wraith very much. Her phasing never seems to work for me and all the outlines of ither people it shows while phasing throws me off. I do like the labs tho

  6. Also I'm not sure how the auto sprint works on console. I have it turned on but instead of continuing to run when I let got of the joystick it just start walking at a very slow pace

  7. I dont like Armed and Dangerous. When it comes to close range, it's technically whoever shoots fitrst (or has a Peacekeeper) has a big chance in winning. When sniping, it's revolved around luck, mostly. When hitting a lucky headshot, you technically just won the fight already. Hitting body shots, again, whoever starts firing first has a bigger chance in winning. It would be interesting if they put the body sheilds back in, but besides that, the mode is pretty uninteresting. But, of course, this is just in my opinion.

  8. It was unnecessary to make wattson take more damage, she already aounds like she's carrying a backpack of cans and has her ult stuck on her back so she's easy to spot and hear with a hitbox that isn't noticably smaller than octane, octane moves faster so should be harder to hit right? So why doesn't he have the low profile passive?

    If they want to nerf wattsons utillity then nerf her gadgets a little bit don't nerf her gadgets and direct combat. Putting wattson and pathfinder in the same category for being more difficult to hit is ridiculous. Make pathfinders zipline deployment louder aswell because that's essentially impossible to hear unless it's deployed an inch away from your head.

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