PUBG Ultimate Realism Guide | Noob to Legend | PART 1 – The Beginning (What You NEED to Know)

Welcome to Sim UK Today we have PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.


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  1. I feel for new players. Especially on the PC and if you're on the EU servers. There simply are no new players in this game any more. 95%+ of the players you come up against are experienced players who know the game inside out. They know the maps/terrain, the best loot/vehicle spawns, where the players are most likely to be, the weapons along with what weapon is best for a given situation, the building layout and angles, all the little tricks like pre-firing angles etc etc. This is why allot of the streamers have stopped playing PUBG and have moved onto other games. They need to look good for business and it's allot harder to look good once the skill lever rises to a point where they're just as knowledgeable about the game as you are. New players are going to have a rough time for the first few months.

    When added to this the crashes and the terrible syncing of the game which allows high ping players to see low ping players first and gives higher dps for higher frames per second (currently being addressed I must add), the game is barely playerable from a competitive standpoint.

  2. This is a great video 🙂 I've been playing Pubg on ps4 since it came out , after weeks & weeks & weeks of playing i die so quick sadly 🙁 even when i got the advantage , has much has i love this game its pissing me off and Your video makes me think i should drop it in the bin !!!!!! Every utube video i tried Don't seem to be helpful just bable on & on about useless stuff which don't help me…. Thanks for this straight and very honest video 🙂

  3. I could watch a hundred of these. Keep em coming. Exactly what I was looking for. you have a knack for explaining things in an interesting easily understandable way. I just got this game and this vid was perfect. I am almost ready to leave the training area. Thanks so much and light a fire under part two and fire it out here!

  4. I can definitely see how this would go much better with keyboard and mouse, unfortunately I am stuck with controller since I am on PS4. One of the most complex games I've seen so far, as a GTA player this is something I have never encountered before. Just started playing last night and feel overwhelmed.

  5. Great video. Tried PUBG several times the last year but till last cpl days It never clicked and it had so much issues with desyncing and what not as you are well aware but the game now plays so much better so I decided to give it a chance. Its not bad at all . Once again ty for the video.

  6. Dear Mr. Sim UK. Thank you for your most informative and helpful video. One thing you mentioned that make me stop play PUBG is the fact that enemies can kill you even though you are hiding and not in sight. Same goes the other way around when you aim and shoot at someone dead spot on the head when not don't moving and he/she don't die. Of course, the most important, as I mention before, I'm not that good at PUBG except when I play with someone that are much better than me, in another word, I'm more of a team player.

    Again, thank you for your most valuable of knowledge video.

    Take good care of you and God Bless You.

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