PUBG PS4 Best Settings – I Won My Very First Round With These Sensitivity Settings

PUBG PS4 Best Settings – I Won My Very First Round With These Sensitivity Settings. Check out my new PUBG PS4 Best Settings – I Won My Very First Round With These Sensitivity Settings Video.

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  1. Hey man great video, I used those in the settings, But I have a question. What headphone set do you use and also is there a "push to talk" Setting in PUBG like there is on fortnite? Thanks.

  2. I used to quit pubg on ps4 bcoz its hard to aim. But these setting made me back on it again! my control is improving I get more kills and survive longer than before. Thanks for wonderful tips.

  3. Thanks proof, I bought this game a week ago and was struggling to get a kill.. Ive followed your settings and while I might not have actually won one yet, I'm getting 4 plus kills a game and being competitive till the end.

  4. Thank you for the video's they've really helped me on ps4.

    I hope you can help me with something else now 🤔

    I have got a pc & have bought pubg on pc now also but I want to use my ps4 controller on pc with the ps4 preset B controls, do you know how this can be done or even make a video please.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. Well its early days but i added these settings & i think its better , 1st game had a kill straight away same 2nd game & 3rd game had a kill or two 🙂 but im still getting slaughtered im sooooooooo bad at pubg but love it anyway !!!! Thanks

  6. I finally found this video bro! U are the mfking man!! My nephew reset my setting messing with the controller all day i been trying to mess with them while looking for this video and them BOOM just like that i found it fixed my setting and jumped in the first game and wiped out a whole squad by my self in 1 man squad and got the chicking dinner with 12 kills thanks bro looking more for videos especially with that update on the 22 of this month!

  7. These settings don't work either they really need to do a lot of work on this game cuz it is bullshit I cannot find the right settings and it's not me I've been playing video games for 30 years this is the worst game that I've ever played Graphics wise control-wise it's terrible it is way better on the mobile device they need to do a lot of work to this game if you have different settings that I could possibly benefit from let me know because this video did not help me at all this game is crap and I've been playing it for a long time on the mobile device and it is crap for the PS4

  8. To everyone who says that he's only winning because these players are noobs because is it's a new game, are right and wrong, yes it's a new game so theirs new players but there are plenty of skilled players that just switched platform.

  9. after testing my own i find it more important making sure the scopes kill at there respective ranges, in auto., mine loos like . i forgot general, ignoring aim over shoulder, somthing like.. vertical 53, forgot x1 but its probably near 9-13 it was 18.anyway x2 13. x3 13, and i forgot the rest. aim acceleration is 6, anyway everyyone has preferred setups and u should really try for yourself, aim for targets 1m away, walk backwards into some walls and test spray patterns, make sure you can rest your bursts / sprays into a comfrtoable backup area for the next burst, and make sure you set it up for the right guns

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