PUBG on PS4 | 10 Things You Need To Know (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

One year ago Player Unknowns BattleGrounds moved over to console… but only for Xbox users as, at the time, it was a timed exclusive for the platform. To put it kindly, the initial Xbox release saw a shocking amount of technical issues. Only 2 months ago IGN deemed the Xbox one version of PUBG reliable enough to review to be fair the original version was classed as early access. They gave it 8.9 / 10 if you were wondering. Now, in December 2018, PUBG is coming to PS4… lets break it…


  1. I look de how the comment section if full of people criticizing every game that comes out of came out. People say fortnite is trash than people saying pubg is trash. Damn just state what you like so I can better decide on what to play. You people moaning ain't helping

  2. Great video on explaining pubg on PS4 light the Nathan Drake skin is Uncharted is one of my favorites I Platinum the collection going to give pubg a try and blackout as well and possibly fortnite but the first two definitely, also 60 frames per second is going to be a very important choice for me.

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