1. This game is one of the worst computer games and it must be boycotted because you are the worst pursuit of the hacker of the game and you cannot protect the players. You are among the worst designers of games and protection programs that work on the game from the worst protection programs. I invite all honorable players to cancel this game from their devices and go to serious and fair games and protect Players from penetration and fun gameplay is not like Buggy in all versions I faced in Buggy Light and Buggy Mobile the cheap style of fighting and wars


    Like Gas Cans⛽ Molotov Cocktails should also explode (upon being fired) 💥.

    Exploding Molotov Cocktail should be less intense than that of Gas Can’s explosion. About 1/4th of Gas Can’s explosion's degree or less since it's just a small glass-bottle of fuel.

    Molotov Cocktail should also catch fire over the area (as usual) after explosion (if it got fired up).

    Unlike Gas Can, Molotov Cocktail should explode via only single shot of bullet or a couple of bullet (maximum) since it's just a fragile glass container and not a Gas Can made up of metal or solid plastic sort of thing.

    Note: Crossbows🏹 fired on Gas Can or Molotov should not explode them since it's not causing the fuel in them to start burning until and unless the fuel is some sort of pyrophoric substance which burns in air or water. If it's not such substance then it should only leak from the Gas Can or Molotov Cocktail's fragile glass since it's just a crossbow (not a hot bullet).

    Molotov Cocktail's glass container should break down on the impact of crossbow, sickle, pan, etc. and the fuel in it should spread across the area.

    Molotov Cocktails and Gas Cans individually should also explode in hand when someone is holding it and someone else fired it.

    If someone's refilling the gas of a vehicle via Gas Can and someone else fired the Gas Can then it should also blast.
    I don't think it's possible because Gas Can is perhaps invisible while refilling a vehicle.😂

    Try to make this game as realistic as possible.
    This game should make a great history in the world🌏 of gaming.

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