For those who have been playing PUBG LITE for a while,
Here are something more advance in PUBG LITE
Try shooting with physics😎

Hope that this VDO will be useful to you guys.
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  1. Killing a bot here too….lol remove them

    I play solo (Indian servers) and only 4-5 real players….rest all bots….I have a KD of 17 and i played more than 50 matches thinking it will change but no….

  2. Seriously don't understand these issues people are complaining about in the game.

    I haven't encountered anything in particular that would be a disadvantage to me.

    Faster switching for weapons? Are you that slow at the game?

    Most of the time when i play FPS games i like to do things quick & react to things really faster.

    Because at the end of the day, speed kills.

    Really don't see any slowness to weapon switching, think you guys are just delayed in your actions.

  3. instead of this shit, please fix the footstep sounds, use the steam version sound system because the sound is really really bead still…because i cant even hear someone 6 meters from me running, in pubg pc you can hear somebody 50 meters away

  4. how do i exit safe mode ? also 4 by 4s are not supposed to slide so please fix it. also2 when i land i can hear all the members of my team landing even if the distance is so far, and i can hear them pretty loudly as well. so PLEASE !!! fix your stuff, make it enjoyable

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