PUBG Beginner Guide | EVERYTHING You Need to Get Started! | PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Please remember, this guide is slightly out of date. The PUBG devs changed some things and added some guns. I plan on making an updated beginner guide in the future, but for now this still encompasses almost everything in the game, and certainly still gives you MORE than enough knowledge to get started.


This BEGINNER guide encompasses all the features, guns, ammo types, scopes, and basically everything you need to know to get started…


  1. Hey thanks man. I pulled up some "beginners guides" for PUBG but they were all a list of "pro-tips", like you said…strategies. You've taken the time to explain it all, and I appreciate that. I know this video is "old" but I like it, and will be looking for more like it. Have a thumbs up!

  2. Also , this had been a problem for me . When they reduce the gaming area and the sky turns white and my health goes down then I die . No matter what , every time . I was just having my best game . Killed four people in about 10 min. , had bullet proof vest , guns , looting players backpacks . I couldn't believe it . Then the sky started changing and I died . ☹️ Please tell me what to , and where to go when that starts .

  3. Thanks a lot for video . Just started playing 3 days ago . I'm so lost ! ( And Hooked !! Lol )This game is so involved , so much to know and be aware of ! I feel a little overwhelmed. I'm 52 , been gaming since the 70s . This is the first time I've gamed in 20 years . First time I've ever played an online game. I'm getting back into it ! I'm over halfway done with into the Dead 2 and fell in love with that game ! I felt like they designed that game specifically for me . Lol I wanted to try an online game for next one . This game looks fun and interesting . How long have you been playing if you don't mind me asking ? Also , are the little mini missions and the missions where you jump out of plane with a gun more difficult than the regular game ? I tried the mini missions and jumping out of plane with gun and I got killed so much faster each time I did those ? Do you ever make purchases in the game, or are you a straight hard core grinder…never spending a dime ?

  4. Asian server = no one talks in plane 🙁 . Oh i judt downloadrd pubg today and i have no fucking idea how to play this god damn game and this vid helped me out thanks

  5. I'm a fairly new streamer and just got Pubg today and went looking for vids on the basics. I have to say this is the best one I've found in 4 hours of searching. Thank you. Liked/Sub.

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