PUBG 101 Lesson 1: Shooting

The first of a five part beginner’s guide on how to improve your shooting ability in PUBG. Let’s help you go get them chicken dinners! Full guide here

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  1. As far as the aiming factor goes, what I would say is that getting good with headshots is what separates the average player from the good player. It's natural to aim at the center of mass as this increases your chance of scoring hits. The problem with doing this in PUBG is that the player will often be able to get behind cover before you can score enough hits to take him out. He can then med up and reset the firefight where he now knows your location meaning it's suddenly an even fight.

    If the player is stationary then you want to at least score the first shot as a headshot as this will mean being able to kill him within another shot or two. I've been playing for a few months now and I still tend to aim at the center of mass as it's just instinct.

  2. The Only thing i disagree with SmaK is the crouching guys never ever crouch when youre shooting you will always get sniped by someone else. Instead try and Lean left and right while you're fighting someone it will help you out alot, and last thing i wanna tell you guys is that when you shoot always lean left or right it will give you the edge in the gun fight not a big edge but just enough to get the job done and kill the guy.

  3. Recoil isn't entirely random. For example; The first 5 shots of the AKM is 95% predictable, apart from there It all goes random. And speaking of spraying: How can attachments be entirely preference? Lets take angled versus vertical grip.
    A vertical grip has better vertical recoil reduction compared to an angled grip. But an angled grip has better horizontal recoil reduction.
    What makes it difficult to control your spray?
    Vertical recoil is just moving your mouse down (one direction, it can never go up).
    Horizontal recoil can go both left and right (two directions, impossible to predict).

    If you had to choose the choice is easy. Reduce the most random and unpredictable variable which is entirely uncontrollable = horizontal recoil.

    Not trying to be rude here that is not my point here – would be cool to have a discussion about this if you feel I'm entirely off here.

    A lot of people have benefit from the 1:100 rule on leading targets, happy it keeps living!

    Best Regards

  4. all i got from this video was dissapointment that you still are stuck in 3rd person because "tournaments" want to stick to that mode. sad life. not only is the game no way near esports ready its also been played in the inferiour gamemode 🙁

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