PS4 GTA-V Mod Menu Install Tutorial

How to install the first ever GTA-V publicly released mod menu for your PS4.

Mod Menu Showcase:


Mod Menu by 2much4u:

Netcat to inject the mod menu: :


WebKit Playground Tutorial:

Web Browser…


  1. Hi, I have a question can I also use the mod menu for gta online or only gta 5 ? And my other question is can one of my friends set my rp level from 623 to level one, because he said he is a modder and I said prove it, he said I can set your level to level 1. Is this possible ?

  2. You cant get money drops on next gen. You cant go online with the mods. if you aren't on FirmWare 5.07 or lower you're out of luck.
    This is also a pretty old menu, check out or for updated menus, the install method ModdedWarfare showed will still work for the newer menus.

  3. Can you add like car mods to it like a wide body kit or anything like that? And if you can, can you do one for me if it’s possible by any change but if not it’s alright and good job with your content and keep it up.

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