Playing With The Rank 1 Player In The World! – 130,000 Total Eliminations (Apex Legends)

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  1. Soar i like the solo match and would love for it to be part of the select macthes, do you think that would be dope and what if you could Play dous for ranked, what are your thoughts on that

  2. Did some quick math. 130,000 kills divided by approx. 430 days since the games release, means he's gotten 300 kills per day. Never heard of this guy, but I really hope he's a teenager, cause how does any society-contributing adult have that much time to play games. Even if he got 10 30-bombs per day, that's still AT LEAST 10 full 15 min matches per day. So 2 & 1/2 hrs of god tier gameplay at minimum. But that's highly improbable. So maybe 30 10ish kill games. That's 5 hours per day. But let's not forget all the wasted hot-drops, and queue-times….just saying if I had that amount of time to play a single game (not to mention if he plays other games), I'd feel like I'm wasting my time if I didn't monetize it. I know he streams, but I follow a shit-ton of really good/entertaining Apex players and I've never heard of the guy. For being the #1 ranked player, he just seems kinda irrelevant. Also, kobi seems like quite a bit higher-quality of a player. So it's just funny to me to see people ride this guys dick when, if given the time to play, these people who idolize high kill players would also be high kill players. It's all just numbers over time

  3. You know why term dont have a big fan base his streams are toxic an ain't nobody trying to hear all that toxic talk about how u could have killed them or how trash they are cuz they 3 stacking others streamers jst let the heat out they ears an keep it moving …the streamers attitude an motivation all matters to the viewers

  4. i was in fragment east and and i almost killed him(termk47)…i hit him for 194 but his teammate shot me in the back…dat would have been the best moment in my life if i would have killed him

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