PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Weapon Guide! (Time-stamps in Description)

This is a Battlegrounds weapon guide for the date of April 1st during the early access build of PUBG! Thank you all so much for watching, the relevant citations are left below! You will also find the relevant time marks for the gun categories! Again thank you guys for watching, drop a sub if you enjoyed and leave a like! I will be releasing some highlights and montages of PUBG very soon!

Pistols: 0:27
Shotguns: 2:23
Rifles: 4:32
SMGs: 8:50
Tommygun: 11:06
M249: 12:26
Snipers: 13:29
Melee &…


  1. Finally a very detailed weapon guide. All of these weapon guides are like 3 minutes long and don't explain anything except briefly go over the weapon classes rather than what each weapon can do.

  2. I will say the S12K is one of my favourite weapons when bunking down in a house, but I will admit that it's useless outside most of the time. Didn't know about he suppressor so I can't wait ti try that lol

  3. i won a couple of rounds using the uzi when the game ended in hills/woods. everyone's long range equipped, so a couple smoke grenades and uzi rushdown through smoke seems to scare the crap out of alot of ppl :p

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