1. Dance emotes… not hot 😀 One more thing what they really should fix is the loot appearing late, that has allways been a big problem, and still is 🙁 so many times you get a perfect landing before enemies and there is no guns, and you run around searching and PADABING! theres an AR in the spot where u just landed but its allready too late and you get killed by the guys that landed late :/

  2. I don’t give a shif if they even add guitar hero system.I’ll still play my game and kill people.They are just annoying but I’m ignoring them.Just hooping to fix the game even more!

  3. Nice pubg corp, leave the fucked up plane exiting left and the weapon spawn delay. Emotes are way more important you guys nailed it.

  4. Not wanting to state the obvious, why don't they focus their time and resources into making the game better optimised, I play on Xbox1 and for one don't want emotes and especially dance moves this game is not fortnight. I want the realism and immersion not to be able to blow a kiss at someone while they try to blow my head off.

  5. Is there a fix for being put to a different region/server? Ever since that effing region lock, my ping is constantly 200ms+. Other than killping which i cant afford, i hope theres a fix for it. I really stopped playing because of it

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