Mount Chiliad Mural Explained (GTA 5 Mystery Solved)

A thorough breakdown of the famous Mount Chiliad Mystery mural. This is without a doubt the most popular Grand Theft Auto V easter egg, but it’s quite simpler and easier than many people think. Let me know what you think and share your theories in the comments below!

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  1. The only thing here I believe differently is the X's. I belive they mark inportant NPCs in the story. Specifically the one on the botton left is Lester, who cnnects to micheal and then Franklin following the path from Micheal to Franklin (and subsequently Micheal to Trevor)

  2. This makes sense now shout out to all GTA V Fans and Detectives alike who contributed all their theories and made a conclusion to this mural

    The question in me right now is what about the tweet of Ned Luke about going to the ocean and then weird crazy shit happens? What causes all of that?

  3. I think u can in the Storm get into the mount chilliad trough 3 different ways. One of those 3 ways Always connects one of the actors. As Trevor, u can go on the right side of the mountain, As michael- left side, And Franklin – under ufo- lets someone do IT please Its gonna show the true i think, there can be some maze or something

  4. This is not the tale buddy. Look at the one eye at the top of the pyramid and compare it to the pyramid of masons it's the exact image there's something more sinister about it all plus there are lots of masonic symbols in gtas

  5. well considering the UFO at the bottem left reprisents the UFO that shows up over the army base, the jet packs found in the doomsday hiest and the egg repeisent the start if life in the epslion program I say this videos repisentation is more of a metiohorical meaning. Also I think the diagram is showing an underground system in the maountain that leads to the army base and the doomsday hiest just showed the jetpack side of it. edit: also the symbol at the top of the diagram is also at the top of mt chiliad so I am 99% sure its a map of the mountin since it also looks like a mountain and the line that leads to the left of the diagram shows the entrace in the tunnel.

  6. Good video but seriously Put “SPOILER ALERT”!!!!! At the beginning or in the title/ description please. I hadn’t completed the game and now know the endings of every story

  7. “I see a web, still tangled after years of unraveling. Will you be the one? I wonder…”

    This theory is as old as the mural itself, interesting but speculation nonetheless

  8. Peopl don't waste your time, it is just another of those "solution" videos where basically nothing is answered.
    He explained exactly one side of the mural, the UFO side.
    And not even good.
    See the UFO is not an easteregg, the sunken UFO is an easteregg, the frozen alien is an easteregg.

    This FIB textured UFO is just an instruction, it doesn't even show you the real UFO but am image of what you have to search next or where you have to go next.
    So you find the actual FIB UFO at the Hippe camp, a place that represents Chiliad. There you find an easteregg from the given perspective of the UFO…
    That way you solved ONE side of the mural.

  9. So we essentially solved it year ago and didn't realise. Kinda of an underwhelming ending tbf, I wish there was more to do with the jetpack or something else with the UFO.

  10. So when the alien shows up just walk up to the peyote plant just steps away and you enter the space ship and you can fky it around and zap shit …3-5 times they just let you

  11. Cool theory but I don't believe it sorry it makes no sense why the game spoiled the story and how the UFOs connects to the three characters I believe the mystery is out there

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