Mirage vs Caustic – Rap Battle – Apex Legends

Just having fun I’m not really good at these but hopefully you like it!
Who won?
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Instrumental produced by Chuki.


  1. I love Mirage but caustic literally said "the results came in and you lose" drop the mic right there and walked away Even Mirage had to acknowledge that he just lost. I mean that "I don't concern myself with the ambition of insects"(OOOOOHH O_O he need some milk) this man been roasting mirage the WHOLE MATCH🤕
    [Caustic] 💨💀- W [Mirage] 👬- L

  2. Ok i'm not sure if you may hate this kind of comments but…

    The music is a bit louder than the voice lines making it hard to understand somethings that they see…

    Everything is good but maybe add some subtitles… i guess

    but overall i rate this 7/10

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