Let's Play – GTA V – The Bogdan Problem: Setup – Doomsday Heist (#5)

We steal the Avenger from Merryweather, rescue Agent ULP at the foundry, and use water cannons on the RCV to secure stolen hard drives.

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About Let’s Play:
A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.

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  1. Me and my buddy just can’t seem to pull off the 2nd heist you guys did in this vid (the one with ground crew and lookout crew) it’s the last setup we need before we can do the bogdan heist. Any tips?

  2. if anybody wants to do this back and forth and make around 6-10 mill a day with me add me on PS4 my name is zAnxn i dont go first but i have screenshots of proof hmu asap really tryna grind this out

  3. So I will freely say this. When it came to the setup, the last attempt they did. How they coordinated it all. It was well done, and I feel thats what you'll have to do for the criminal Masterminds version but with I say someone besides Gavin being the driver. Since if hes the driver he will run EVERYONE over and most likely fail it.

  4. Realizing that these guys are like the Mr. Magoo of heist crews, you think they are going to fail at every turn and kill themselves. Then they complete the mission and your sitting there like, "HOW!"

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