Is Fortnite Mobile Better Than COD Mobile?

Is Fortnite Mobile Better Than COD Mobile?- In this video we go over the huge questing that is, which is better? cod mobile, or fortnite mobile? let me know your thoughts own below in the comment section! I also use a fortnite mobile handcam with this gameplay. Could I be the best fortnite mobile builder, the best fortnite mobile editor? Or maybe the fastest fortnite mobile editor, and fastest fortnite mobile player? If so that would make me the best fortnite mobile player!


  1. fortnite would be a good game on mobile if epic actually added some useful settings like fixed joystick, rn i think cod is better. even tho cod just launched, it has pretty much all the settings mobile game needs.

  2. I love Call of Duty: Mobile but it needs those keep it coming updates to make the game feel fresh. I also love Fortnite, but it seems that the game needs major improvement in some aspects. The fact that updates come out every week is exciting and fun. But I agree that Call of Duty: Mobile isn’t really getting that much attention. The game runs great and smooth, but if this game is going anywhere, it needs its developers’ heads in the game to keep it fresh and new. Great video, buddy!

  3. I prefer cod mobile I have a montage on it and I think it easier to create videos and stuff also I have played fortnite a long time now and every season it’s just ye ok cod mobile is a bit more intriguing for me however I respect everyone’s opinion

  4. Completely agree with you. Fortnite changes things up ever week some people find that overwhelming for some so they might prefer codm but games like codm get updates ever few months or so (excluding bug fixes)
    But I personally get bored quickly of playing codm and fnm I never get bored of and even if I do I’ll come back to playing it quickly. I haven’t wanted to play cod in a months

    Imo fnm is the better game and will last longer due to the constant evolving meta.
    But in terms of comp scene I think codm has a brighter comp scene more so than Fortnite mobile. But that’s just my opinion.

  5. I like Fortnite better because it has tournaments where you can win a lot of money, also a lot of my friends play on it. I still like COD Mobile but when I play a couple matches it gets to repetitive and boring. Fortnite you can squad up with your friends and trick shot also I like the cartoony look of the game, it brightens my day a lot. Also COD Mobile should bring campaign mode, that will be a lot of fun. 👍

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