I Think I Met The SALTIEST Tryhard on GTA 5 Online (Ragequits)

Just another tryhard on GTA 5 Online thinking he knows what is best.

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  1. "Fucking trash without the ray gun"
    Says the trash who cant use a rifle. Fuckin garbage failed at RPG kills too, honestly dont know why he has the game installed still.

  2. How my brain works :
    Kill me once : do nothing
    Kill me twice : do nothing
    Kill me three times : leave lobby
    i am not a tryhard, i play Online for myself, and do not want to get caught up in other people's need for fighting with guns.
    Message me saying "salty lol you left the lobby cuz you're scared lol ol ol ol o lo lo l o" or invite me to a party" : I get more serious
    What I do : Stalk him IRL, tell him what he's doing through messages on the Xbox app. If he actually thinks im lying, I throw something at his window. I don't hurt him unless he says anything rude to me in real life. If he has a weapon of any sort, I use one or two of the weapons I always bring. that's my plan

  3. It's strange how this game makes you want to come back for more
    punishment. Even the missions are setup to screw you by throwing random
    cars in your path out of nowhere, then slapping a time limit on you near
    the end of said mission. And THAT's if you manage to sneak by all the
    try hards, trolls and modders. I won't even mention how everything is
    also setup to drain your account… your businesses barely make enough
    money to even pay for staff and overhead. This is where the modders and
    try hards come in. Rockstar Games wants this atmosphere, because they
    know if you get pissed off enough you'll spend money to try and even the
    score. And now steps in the mark2 Jetbike. SMH…. So yeah, i'll be
    back on tonight, add me i'm Sithonious. 😉

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