1. Do get a block island, go up to the golden rift and interact with it, then scroll down and select your block island. thank you guys for all the insane support 🙂

  2. Hey mate, so my and two friends want to do 1v1v1’s where last man standing wins… Is there a way to set “x” number of rounds and only one spawn such that when you die, you cant respawn until next round?

  3. Thank you soo much! I honestly had no idea on how to create a 1v1 map and this really helped. U got a new sub btw! Also what I’m going to put a weapon starter so ppl start with the same weapons. But other wise this really helped! Keep up ur work! Thank you once again!

  4. Awesome video. Was trying to build one and couldn't figure out why me or my friends couldn't pick up guns. Just had to go to the block and hit start game 🙂 thanks again!

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