How to join team Obeyel (Join a Fortnite Mobile Clan)

__Team Obeyel__

We are a rising gaming team with rising-potential players. Our goal is to improve our players and bring fun to this clan. We will appreciate your support by being part of our beloved community no matter what if your underrated or just starting out because we are going to bring fun in our clan and improve you with us! #ObeyelOnTop

__What We Offer__

• Amazing Competitive Players
• Active Chat
• Team Effort
• Great Staff
• Amazing GFX

__Requirement Info__

• Be…


  1. i really want to join and I already have a clip, I am good at editing, I have 3k points in arena and I’m a good build and boxfighter!!! I have uploaded a video plzzzz check it!

  2. Hey team obeyed, I would like to tryout for the clan, I am really good at box fights and I am a smart player in game. I have 5k arena points and 350+ wins. I also have a bunch of clips because I was going to make a montage but I’ll give them to you guys. I play 60 FPS on IPad mini 5 with 6 fingers. Please consider me joining. Epic:BAM_quickshotTTV

  3. In the Video it said to be a competitive player u need to be active in discord and have over 2k arena points. In the discord the people are saying other requirements which were not addressed in the Video.

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