I recently tested the new grips and found the half grip to be the best for spraying. But what about single fire also known as tapping? Is there an objective best choice here? YES!

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  1. 🤔This video left so many questions unanswered for me, questions that still keep me awake every night to this day – over 6 months later, pondering the answer to:🤔 is this test basically claiming that the m4 has the most manageable recoil so that's why you chose it? Would certain grips perhaps perform better on certain guns and maybe it's not a generic cut and dry case closed review after all. Why would he choose the gun with the least recoil, maybe the results would be even more apparent if he went the other route and chose the gun with the most recoil…🤔 O the list goes on but the world may never know 🤷

  2. I was explaining the different grips to my friend the other day and I said just never pick up the lightweight grip, it’s trash it hurts your recoil so much. Then a few games later he puts it on his sks and I was like “TAKE THAT BULLSHIT OFF IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR YOU”

  3. My opinion, this patch was pretty rubbish. They have a lightwight grip that does nothing. The 5.56 guns are pretty pathetic, i prefer the AKM now. The SLR is stupid, makes all DMRs as pathetic as the games coding

  4. I feel like the vert. grip should be a jack-of-all-trades and each grip should just specialize on one thing.
    the half grip seems ok, best sprayer by far, but the lightweight REALLY needs some changes, it's pretty much useless right now, giving next to no bonus on tap-fire and actually being WORSE than no grip for full-on spray

  5. Hey man – very nice video. Hey so I think they buffed the SKS in this last patch – the recoil feels insanely easy to manage. Could you make a similar video showing the spread of the SKS vs an M416?

  6. A suggestion for future updates. I think it would be worthwhile including a no grip test. While it's pretty unlikely, it would be good to see what the sort of… "worst case" scenario is, to know whether, for example, a lightweight grip gives ANY improvement over nothing at all or if no grip is just super terrible and any grip is a massive improvement.

    Just a thought. Great video.

  7. So basically they added 3 more grips to add more RnG to the game. It's so obvious as one of the new grips is straight garbage and the vertical grip, which has been in the game since the beta, ends up the best. What else was the point of adding the other 3?

  8. Test out this SKS loadout, I love it and the way it performs for close to mid-close battles:
    Cheek Pad, Red Dot, Lightweight Grip, Compensator

    The faster recoil recovery makes this absolutely fantastic. I knew there HAD to be a situation where the lightweight grip wasn’t horrendous.
    Note: This is my personal opinion.

  9. Thanks for what your doing WackyJacky101! Would have a question: is it possible for you to add one more to this video? how is shoting without a grip? (You might find yourself in that scenario many times) Much Thanks again!

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