GUIDE: How do STUN GRENADES work in PUBG? (Effect, Angle, Distance, Duration)

Stun grenades are heavily underused in battlegrounds, and for that reason many does not know exactly how they work. This video should end all doubt

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  1. Stunners are great for pushing enemies upstairs. Almost always, they're camping the stairwell waiting for you to come up. Cook the stunner until you're ready to go up, low toss the grenade at the last 2 seconds from the bottom of the steps, wait for the ring, then evict those weasels. Remember to look down to avoid blinding yourself. This works. Also, they work as intimidators, causing the enemy to give up his position when he hears the pin click. Most players will move (and therefore make noise/reveal their position) when they fear a frag grenade is incoming. The pin clicks sound the same in all grenades.
    But what do I know? Dont listen to me. I'm a noob.

  2. I Always Use All Frags On PUBG. All Frag Are Useful In Late Game. Often Got Chicken Dinner In Late Game. Carrying 1 Stun. 2 Smoke. 2 Grenade. Throw Smoke. Then Grenade. Then Stun. Then Go Rush. That Time Enemy Will Likely To Blind. Or Trying To Envade Grenade. As They Running Il Shot Them. Caugh Off Guard.

  3. They are heavily underused, but if you manage to fully flash someone and you see them running around like crazy or just sitting in a corner doing nothing. That feeling is so satisfying 😀

  4. Why do the fragment grenades also do a repulse effect… Thats not how that works.

    Frags need: Armor penetration for each fragment, should be affected by armor. If you are proned and one goes by you, you should take significantly less damage…

  5. Hey, I have a question, possibly for a future video. For close range (I'm talking in the same room with your enemy) is it better to be using an assault rifle or an SMG? Say, an m416 versus a micro uzi. Which one will give you an advantage?

    Reason I ask is I find myself having much better luck when I drop school or pecado when I find an SMG before I find an AR and I want to know if there is any reason for that.

    Thanks for all the great content!

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