1. Hey man Idk if you're still active at this or what but lemme know if you are. I ha to make a new account on Xbox so all my stuff is gone. I was wondering if you could help me out with this. I will be sending you a friend request. Gt : Boss T Lucchese. It'd be great if you helped me out bro

  2. Update: I will start adding people and giving money out sorry that I haven't been on but I will now, so be ready! Add me Eddydarkness19 if you haven't yet. Make sure to subscribe as well- Thanks

  3. Hey man, not to sound desperate or anything, but if your on PS3 i'll add ya and my name is pretty weird its l-Z3PHYR-l and if your real about giving money reply to my comment and i'll add you and all I need is about 1.5 bill. And telling by your previous comments your a pretty cool and patient guy.

  4. plz and thank u , my other yt is xChromical but im on my phone and idk how to change the account from my phone so i have to use this -_- ill sub to u on xchromical as well, 

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