GTA Online How To Complete The Aggressive Casino Approach Losing The Least Amount Of Money 2 Players

My guide on how to complete the aggressive approach for the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online.
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  1. I’m my opinion you DONT need to exit through the roof top. Me and my friend exit through staff lobby to make it quicker. Also yes the combat mg’s make the aggresive approach more fun but they are not needed. You can use the cheapest gunman to maximize the take. It is still easy.

  2. I leave by the main entrance and go to the right and run towards the road ( not the highway ),take a civ car, and then go into the tunnel and leave

  3. Which is the best tho. No not the big con it takes like 12 preps. Too long. Aggressive you get less money from time being halted and you probly have pachy. Silliest and sneaky 6 preps it takes a lot of skill but is the easyist vault keycard and Nono drone are easy vault lasers is hard with an amored car you don’t need any other preps your going to be hitting guards not shooting that instantly kills them you if your skilled will get the same amount of time as the big con and you did 7 preps 1 hard one

  4. You do understand there is a helicopter you can use at the police station across from the Casino you noob. Go look. You'll see.. Redo the guide 🙂 dont take the sewers, exit through staff lobby. Hug the Casino going to the left, flank toward the front of the casino, shoot the guy on the right by the fence and the two people at the swat Vans. Cross the freeway, get a car and drive to the Station.

  5. Pro: for some people this will be much much harder with 2 people before after you do it more than once they have body armor that takes about 12 bullets to kill with a headshot btw exiting thru the side doors makes no difference just kill them all with headshots btw you’re aim is so so bad

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