GTA 5 Secret Helicopters – Police Maverick, Ambulance Maverick & Non-Attack Buzzard Chopper! (GTA V)

GTA Online & GTA 5 location guide on how to get the special, secret, hidden and rare GTA 5 police helicopter vehicles!
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  1. I know this is old, but I'm playing now. As stated below, the Vinewood police station can be accessed by various walls and vents up to the top. The 5th location, the only station I've found you can go into, has roof access via a stairwell. Be prepared to bolt to the top when you go into authorized access only, and pray there's a chopper up there for an escape.

  2. Down voted because the directions on the first helicopter are incorrect. It is the police station next to the Towing impound and not the Vehicle impound. Ambiguous and made me waste a 1/2 hour.

  3. An easy way to get the police help is to get at least a 3 star wanted level then flying over the Vespucci pd station until one spawns. Shouldn't take too many tries. I usually get it the first or second pass

  4. does anyone know if these still spawn here or anywhere else? I looked multiple times and only a regular maverick, the annihilator, and the cargobob spawned. nothing else so far.

  5. Question #1: In story mode, is there a way to get the heli that had the FLIR camera from "Eye in the Sky"?
    Question #2: Is this guide only for Online, or is it also usable in Story Mode?
    Question #3: Are there any differences (other than the paint job) between the Police/Ambulance helis, and the standard ones?

  6. The police maverick is my favourit, everytime i flying over one of those spawn locations with one of my personal aircrafts i jump out and grab the police maverick.

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