GTA 5 – Play as the Beast [Director Mode Gameplay]

This video shows some gameplay of the Beast in the Director Mode which can be unlocked with the newly discovered Easter Egg in Grand Theft Auto V.
If you want to unlock the Beast, follow the instructions explained in this video:

Also, check out the complete guide for all Peyote Plants to collect in GTA 5:


● Animal Lover – Enter Director Mode as an unlocked animal actor for the first time.


  1. if you guys had a problem to defeat the beast you there is 3 ways to kill the beast

    1. Use cheats Comet, spawn comet vehicle to hit the beast multiple time, but it too risky, you could get killed or get kicked by beast very far away from the area that could reset your progress, then you have to find all corpses all way long

    2. Use Invincibility, Punch the beast and then run away to avoid his growl but it takes forever or you could get killed

    3. (This is my Method)
    Use Cheats Weapon and Super Jump

    This is really worked i tried and it worked!!. First use a Rocket Launcher (RPG) then climb on the top of the plane, then shot the beast in the head with an RPG 10 times then the beast were lay down and dying slowly and then he died

    Go on and try ( sorry about my english 😁) hoped it works!!

  2. Is it necessary to collect golden peyote in a strict order from sunday to saturday? Is it possible to collect them without cheating with weather?

  3. Going back and forth between the starting place and the one below the bridge, and later to the scrapyard doesn't work even though it screams back to the first. I'll try using Headphones and hopefully works :/ haven't played in a month because of this character.

  4. I need help a growl keeps going to one body after the camera zooms on to it, another growl appears after I see the body but it leads me right back to it again and again and again

  5. Can somebody help Me?!
    So I'm finally on that last body at the scrapyard with the broken planes. I go up to it and it does the zoom in, then I follow the path in the video to those 2 blue crate thingies, then a growl happens and it leads me to the previous body before and it then takes me back to the scrapyard. It's an endless loop! Any help?! Please?!

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