GTA 5 Online Glitch – How to Save a Cop Car, Firetruck or Ambulance in your Garage (Rare Cars)

How to save a Cop Car to your garage in GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto Online. These steps work for any rare or unique car that normally gives you the “This vehicle cannot be saved in your garage” warning.
1) Own a garage/apartment
2) Knock off the driver’s door of the cop car, fire truck, ambulance, etc.
3) Drive to your garage and get out with the nose of the car touching the garage
4) Aiming away from the garage, walk backwards towards your vehicle, and then enter the car when close enough to get…


  1. Just tried it to answer all yes it is patched as the spawn repeat for the cop car when you enter the garage by accident is gone and also the field of detection to the garage is increased meaning less chance of getting the gun out to point instead your put in the garage at 10metres and when you come out no cop car cause the spawn persistence is gone, so answer is no this is not possible but yes it has been patched probably in the middle of 2014 this happened.

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