GTA 5 Online Declass Asea Sticker Bomb Customization Guide "GTA 5 Rare Cars #9"

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  1. Now you can get it on the internet for 12k. This car was a peice of shit anyways it was sluggish and just beyond slow. Handling was decent though. It was so light that it would spin out from the most minor of taps. Only things going for it were its rarity and the sticker bombing but with its rarity gone its just some sticker bomb car.

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  3. You can also find the tailgater easilt when simeon requests it you will find it at the golf course car park… if anythung the principle nemesis is the hardest to obtain legitly on the game… without a dought or maybe the Karin intruder…

  4. I have cars for duplication
    Sultan RS
    Obey Tailgater
    Albany Mañana
    Déclassé Buffalo
    Asea (help me dupe it so I can have it for other character)
    Rat Loader
    Vapid Dominator (upgraded a lot)

    What I want:
    Trevor's quad
    Prison bus (no chrome)
    Adder (with NOS)
    Superman quad
    Joker quad

    I'm on PSN so mssg me your PSN and I do not intend to sell these repeatedly just for duplication

  5. I have a way to get the asea without a tracker on it so all I do is give you the car like it was on the street, But in order to get it from me you will have to be at least level 75, Once i confirm that, you will do a mission called ROOFTOP RUMBLE and invite me, At about 4 missions I will give you your asea. The missions are only for my level because I am only at like 28. Getting the asea like that will be secrete so dont ask. Leave your username on a reply on this comment. ONLY FOR PS3!!!!!!

  6. Guys I have:

    Nos adder
    Nos entity
    Nos franklins buffalo
    Nos phoenix
    Nos sultan rs
    Nos Karin futo
    Trevors atv
    Fully tuned chrome dune buggy

    Message me on xbox:
    Gt: LimitLessDSyR
    I will reply 100% of the time!

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