GTA 5 Armored Truck Infinite Spawn Glitch (GTA Online Gameplay)

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  1. Just to let ya know it happened to me and my brother like 20 times and we did not do any races we just messed about and it happened it lasted for 5 hours i am not saying racing doesn't do it for you but it just happened while we were messing about it has happened 20 times and 5 hours long each one of them we made 60 million each it was amazing and good luck to you while your doing it because me and my brother found a really glitched out truck hovering and we got 40 million but we shared the cash

  2. Survival is a nice way to rank up shooting and make money I make 100k in 30 mins just by finishing it to wave 10 the whole time. Just saying also a nice way to rank up I recommend boneyard cause there's a crate you can hide behind. Hope this helped💵💵💵💵💰💰💰💰.

  3. Possibly not a glitch. Iv seen thisbin open online and private sessions, also wasnt doing races in private session, me and a friend did martins jobs. My hunch is they might appear in abundance on fridays the end of the week, "collecting money". Confirm if this happens to you check the date on your ingame phones

  4. Just a quick tip if u dnt knw this, it also gives u lots of RP if u go and kill the driver and shoot the back doors instead of just throwing sticky bombs lol

  5. It's gonnabe patched cause rockstar is turning into greedy bastards they want us to buy the damn shark cards…….used to sell fully upgraded cars for $70,000 and more now they put it down to $10,000 I just lost shit loads in upgrades missions lost the pay out they've raised prices on certain things and they took all the modders offline if they left shit alone they wouldn't have to mod money the game used to be good when you could get money freely now their like ohhhh no ones buying shark cards were not getting money wel make it twice as hard to get money now it's buy the cards or just deal with being poor….every money glitch has been patched except this and start expecting it soon I guarantee it's gonna happen

  6. BEST TERM FOR NOT GETTING STARS THAT USALLY WORKS!!!!!! Use a bike and a sawed off shotgun and just shoot at the door from a distance so this should work

  7. Guys (including the uploader). Please stop publishing these tutorials on how to do a glitch in GTA Online. These a are the kinds of videos that make the glitches become patched. Instead link your viewers to a video another site. Please copy&paste this to all "glitch tutorials" that has over 10k views. Thanx for reading :p

  8. call me silly but what if this is like a mini game that R* made? hijack as many armored trucks as possible before the police finally kills you? maybe It doesn't happen in public sessions because they knew we could just merc the cops 24/7 as a group? 

  9. You can pull in front of the truck, make him stop, shoot the driver. Go to the back and shoot the door 2-3 with a shotgun. If you run out of sticky bombs.

  10. the spawning multiple times is working but only when my friends are around if i drive around by myself looking for it i wont be able to find it and the truck icon never pops up for me PLEASE HELP

  11. Last night I somehow managed to get the armoured truck to spawn right next to the mod shop at la mesa. I got to make 300k cash until the truck did not spawn anymore. I was playing in a public lobby. And it was on the 1.08 patch.

  12. I now know how to do this glitch in solo and invite only, iam the founder of the solo session truck glitch, i did the online one with players and thought it was cool but they were not friend so it was a constant battle. Next thing I know it happens to me in a solo session and 3 days of countsless attempts I have finally figured it out…. I will not be letting anyone in on this as I would like it to hoepfully remain unpatched and away from the "what is up guys this douchy douch bag" you tubers.

  13. Hey i dont know how i initiated the glitch, but the same thing happened to us and it went on for hours and hours. We found out if Simeons high priority vehicle comes out you have to finish that to get the spawning again, and i think you need to players because i was doing this for hours and my other two friends left and they stopped only when i was the final person in the lobby

  14. Aha! Nice video I uploaded a video of this back in October, I kind of know how to do it, this happens pretty much continuously…

    GTA does need to fix their games though you're right lol

  15. Just to add to you glitch if
    1. rob truck
    2. switch to single player with analog stick
    3. join invite only 
    4. bank money then walk out of apartment not the garage and the truck will respawn over and over. just have to steal a car to rob it.

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