PUBG VS FORTITE! Talking about everything wrong with fornite and player unkownn’s battleground. A Full game review and comparison between the two games. Why pubg is better than fortnite, why fortnite is better than pubg.

If you haven’t seen it, go watch the vid on How to Go Pro in CoD!
What steps do you have to take to go pro in CoD? What do you actually HAVE TO DO to be a professional Call of Duty WW2 player? What did Scump, Crimsix, Formal, and Karma do to go pro? If you’re asking…


  1. well, I play on PS4 and I have been waiting for PUBG to come for months, now that fortnite dropped in (I mean 3 months ago or so), I don't care when will pubg release anymore.

  2. Hey @SalvationsElite you do know that on fortnite PC players and PS4 players play on the same servers so it doesnt technically mean he was on PS4 Keyboarding. I'm a competitive COD player so I HATE KEYBOARDERS thats how i found your channel competitive cod around 200 subs or so but my point is you should make sure you do thorough research.

  3. I think a lot of players play fortnite over PUBG because most players will play PUBG on an Xbox… I played PUBG for the first time on Xbox yesterday and it was AWFUL! That being said I play PUBG on the PC and it is beautiful. One of my favorite games of all time. If they would fix PUBG on Xbox and bring it to PS4 already fixed it would be much more successful. In my opinion

  4. Hey man i have to disagree with you. I feel epic games have done a great job of keeping the game fresh and unique. Besides in fortnite you can build which leads to more skill based gunfights(because height advantage is really important if you can out build your opponent you have a big advantage against him, but for you to do that you need to know how to build well and quick which takes a lot of expirience and practice). I feel like pubg has been the same since autumn and i think its kind of boring to play a 30 min long game in which you see 4-5 people.

  5. Also, I used to like Fortnite. But since PUBG came out on Xbox, I’ve barely played it. So I can definitely see why people who either don’t have PUBG, don’t want to play it, or can’t have it because they’re on PS4 like it. Because it’s all they can get.

  6. I’m gonna say it. Fortnite only has more players because PS4 only guys can’t play PUBG. On Xbox, I have nobody on my friends list who still plays Fortnite.

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