This video took me a while to finish, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! Let me know what you think, and thanks for all the support as always!

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  1. I like pubg over fortnite,because I have more fun just walking around in that game.Now when it come to fortnite,I just want to kill my self because half the time you will have a sweaty 9 year old sqecker in your game that skreeches every time he get shot,or you die to a hacker! How ever when I play pubg,I can demolish two hole squads and be laughing at something my friends yeah,I think fortnite is garbage

  2. now days pubg is just full of hackers. i litarally cant play a single game with out dying to some one shooting me through walls just cuz they leaned to the right. i also phased through the floor a few times. it honestly makes me wonder how pubg is still so popular with all these bugs

    fortnite? eh… its a fun game but toxic player base.

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