1. Or maybe… Just maybe…don't make hacks and not get sued. Also that excuse on how it's dumb that epic is sueing hackers is not true. Fortnite is a F2P game, which means account bans, ip bans, hardware bans can be circumvented. So their only option to deter hacking is making examples of people. Why a 14 year old then, well the target demographic of fortnight is basically 14 ish year olds so the majority of it's players are around that age. Which means there will be few idiots who will push epic's buttons even after they had sued a 14 year old for hacking. Read the message if u don't want to be sued by epic don't hack, I don't understand how much more simple the message can be and if you continue to make hacks then you basically got zero excuses

  2. What happened to the days when cheats where just part of games mind the old gta games you could use cheats whenever you wanted now it’s such a bad thing works gonne go tae shit

  3. Everyone is saying “don’t sue a kid” is a fucking jackass. This 14 year old is making/selling cheats for the biggest game on the planet. His age doesn’t let this little fool get away with anything. So many idiots on here “oh he’s just a kid, epic is greedy” no it’s about breaking in game laws you idiot. If you’re not man enough to pay for your crimes than don’t commit them. Also the idiot is saying epic is going out getting the most expensive lawyers like it’s surprising. Um kid, billion dollar companies get expensive lawyers. The fuck you expect, epic games to spend 23$ on a lawyer.

  4. I mean what epic games is doing is right like what he did is basically illegal so i think what they did it okay they needed to take action like fucking hell, maybe not for 100M but fkn hell they are doing the right thing

  5. Okay so. in this situation i think he should not be sued for something he cant pay! Because from my prospective he is a hacker dealer and gives hacks to people who want to cheat because they are bad at the game and want to get better. But, It's just not the way to go because what if he goes to jail for something illegal on the internet or get caught doing something suspicious to a game or someone? This is just unbeliveable how a 14 yr old hacker is being sued by epic games for $100,000,000.

  6. so let me get this right its ok for epic staff to rig a pros matchs and make a pro lose but its not ok for a third party for hacker. so who has big pockets and want to rig matchs

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