Fortnite Battle Royale : GTX 1050TI 4GB | Low – Medium – High – Epic

Fortnite Season 8 GTX 1050Ti PC Gameplay

00:00 Low
05:07 Medium
10:04 High
14:49 Epic

Recorded With Shadowplay Monitoring Program. MSI Afterburner
My PC Specs:

• CPU: Intel i5-7400 3.00 GHz (7th Generation)
• MB: Gigabyte-Z170X-Gaming 3
• GPU : ASUS Expedition GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5
• SSD: Kingston SSDNOW UV400 240GB
• OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit


  1. hi, i have a pc, 16 gb ram, core i7, 500 gb, grafic card xtreme, but geforce 260, and i get 40 fps. guys you think if i buy 1050 ti its going to get 250 fps?

  2. Wait it is overclocked but still my brother have it with zeon w3680 with 6 cores and 12 logical processers with 3.33 ghz and 8gb ram ddr3 but still it's getting a little bit more of fps wth

  3. I have a gtx 1050ti 4gb,an AMD Ryzen 5 3,66 GHz, a ram 16 DDR4
    How much FPS can I get on low settings?(sorry for the bad English I’m italian)

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