First Person vs. Third Person in PUBG Mobile! (Settings/Tips)

“PUBG Mobile First Person vs Third Person! 1st Person vs 3rd Person in PUBG Mobile – PUBG Mobile FPP vs TPP (First Person Settings) Tips Tricks iOS/Android – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile First Person English (Gameplay, Settings, Driving in Car)”

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  1. I prefer First person mode. However most of my friends play in 3rd person mode. (and my first experience in PUBG has been in 3rd person mode too).

    I am now in the situation where I am frequently invited to 3rd person teams while I am more at ease with 1st person view. Why is not there a way to play in 1st person view with those playing in 3rd person view in this game?

  2. So many players say tpp is easier than fpp. I like & play both, imo fpp is easier because you don’t get losers on sanhok & erangel snaking in the grass. If they do its very easy to waste them. Ill play every map in fpp, but only miramar & vikendi in tpp

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