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In today’s video I try using linear response curve and see if it actually helps your accuracy, movement, or anything else that has to do with apex legends. You can change your response curve on apex legends by going to the settings in the menu and scrolling down to response curve where you will find the options (Classic, Steady, Fine Aim, High Velocity, and Linear). I didn’t even think of testing out how the linear response curve setting worked until…


  1. Thank you man this video has helped me a lot I always used to struggle with the r-99 by switching to linear I am 10 times better. Wish you all the best may you make it to top 500 in season 4. Peace

  2. used steady 6,5 for 3k games. Tried linear but didn’t give it a real shot. Switched to ALC and it improved my gameplay like crazy. Id say it was in between steady and linear. I saw a lot of people mention trying linear so I gave it a shot a few days ago. Holy. Moly. The alc helped the transition and after I really got used to it I had the same revelation as you. Linear is the way to go 100%

  3. I do that a lot. I punch mistakenly in the middle of a gun fight and I get roasted by r-99.

    Usually it’s because I’m tryna control the recoil. And I press the R-stick down too much and it does a melee.

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