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  1. I’m not trynna say you’re bad at all you’re like the best apex player but how do you get so lucky to pull up on a whole squad that are all one taps when there wasn’t even much gun fire going on at the airbase.

  2. The best part of this video is hearing the OG Jankz back when he was a foul mouthed trash talker sometimes (I'm not bad mouthing at all I love every version of Jankz)…man I miss when I was watching these old streams live and keeping tally of how many times Kobi said the words "World Record" in a stream🤣🤣🤣

  3. OMG Kobi! How funny that I literally just put down Apex for good because of the sniping meta and the retarded Map…. you bring back memories of REAL APEX used to be like and SHOULD be like bro. That's why you're a legend.
    If Canyons doesnt come back for good I dont think it's worth playing at all..
    Open area everywhere, people abusing high ground , people holding hands..

    Canyons was the best. We are playing a trash game right now.

  4. Stopped playing this game entirely after the new season. Map fucking sucks now, player skins look like literal aids (a fucking bear, really?) and lobby’s are full of sweaty try hards. Respawn really destroyed this game.

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