Clean GTA 5 Folder No Mods Still Works *CHECKED* On The 5/1/2020

Welcome back to a new video for this quick video I´m showing you the new clean folder for GTA 5 1.50 just in case you downloaded mods but want to return playing online don´t forget to like share and subscribe PEACE!!
Ok so here’s all the old things that shouldn’t be in your folder starting from _CommonRedist, debug.log, Entrypoints.txt. The ONLY new difference is that now rockstar added something called PlayGTAV.exe that should be the only new thing hopefully you understand if you don’t…


  1. Also I will make a new video when this is no longer the same files cause sometimes with updates new files come and old files go trust me I’m working and replying every single minute I’m available almost 24/7 to my viewers

  2. I downlaoded GTA redux for shaders and when it kept crashing I wanted to uninstall it so I removed all files from redux now I keep uninstalling GTA and it still wont leave and now im trying this and it still wont work, dont install GTA Redux you cant uninstall it now my GTA is a virus.

  3. I don't have _CommonRedist, Installers, debug.log, EntryPoints.txt, installscript.vdf and steam_api64.dll but have GPUPerfAPIDX11-x64.dll, NvPmApi.Core.win64.dll, PlayGTAV.exe and version.txt. I have non-steam game version, is that ok?

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