Call of Duty Modern Warfare vs Fortnite Weapons Comparison (MW 2019 vs Fortnite)


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  1. Modern warfare looks better but had way more fun on fortnite. Modern warfare was waaaay overhyped. Nothing new worth mentioning. COD is about as balanced as your dad after 8 beers. Everyone slagging fortnite just sound edgy is hilarious

  2. Unpopular opinion

    I like Fortnite and call of duty,and the people who are commenting “ForTniTE bAd” your just being childish,just stop hating on the game on the game for no reason peoples,it’s pathetic

  3. Call of duty is one of the the best games of all time Fortnite cant live up to the COD realness. But the only thing I like about Fortnite is the view. Idk what's its called. First person view or 2nd POV? IDK. But I like to see the person who is shooting.

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