Asphalt 9 Legends on Windows 10 PC- After 9 Asphalt games is still awesome game.

Better graphics, new cars, new maps, new feel? Maybe that isn’t the Asphalt 7 I remember, neither the Asphalt 7 was the Asphalt 5 I remember and like, but every new game have that cool looking gameplay that never , I mean NEVER gets boring. In the game we have some AI things that make it less enjoyable that needs to be. Maybe that auto stearing isn’t good idea, come on, maybe in the multiplayer is allowed too? One thing I like is that double tab on the break for 360 degree turn that make the…


  1. Settings was Low by default. I will test it at with higher. Also no vertical synchronizations issue that line at the middle isn't present in the actual playing.

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