Apex Legends: Season 4 – Official Revenant Cinematic Trailer

Check out the official trailer for Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation including a peek at the upcoming character Revenant.

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  1. Not tryna bother but I find that girl becoming a legend a little dumb cuz revenant is like 500 years old and he probably obliterated a ton of families like that.
    Revenge is a cool topic but I find this unremarkable

  2. I think this is very Well made Because i saw a tf2 (titanfall) las video about simulakrons (i don‘t know how it’s written:( ) that if they Are made to one without knowing it so if they are near death for example, they can get somesort of ptsd from their new body and I think that’s what’s up with revanant because he punches his robot appearence, so the question is who turned him into one and why

  3. It's wraith, the girl witnessed the most traumatic thing any child could, goes crazy wanting to kill this dude, well guess what, he's back and she destroys him as a cinematic battle happens between wraith and revenant.

  4. This is now the coolest character imo in Apex. Honestly, the new people seem very boring to me but Revenant is cool. The only other character I thought was cool was Bloodhound. Nice job Apex Legends!

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